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Available with reading control of high voltage and regulator of pressure with manometer for paint flow in the tank (ideal for control of processes).
The model TCA Millenium has pressure regulators and manometers for flow, transport and fluidization which allow the ideal control of the process.

TCA Millenium equipment presents high electrostatic performance. The voltage is generated in control panel and transferred to the paint gun via high voltage wire

plus voltage settings and independent currents. With these settings we have technical resources for an even better painting of corners and angles, keeping control of the surface of paint applied.

Electronics system is composed of a unique plate in order to facilitate the maintenance. By using PWM technology we can get a better performance of linearity in the high voltage output.

TCA Millenium equipment has high electrostatic performance with setting of high voltage and independent electrical current . By doing this, it decreases the effects of Faraday cage clearly.
Input voltage : 220 v – 50/60Hz
Output voltage: up to 100 Kv
Maximum Air Pressure: 6 Kgf / cm²
Work Maximum Pressure : 4 Kgf / cm²
Paint flow: up to 550 g / min
Power: 54 Watts
Paint tank capacity : 50 liters
Manual paint gun : mod. PM 101 – in mill or ou mod. PM 301 – injected in ABS plastic
Output electrical current: 20 to 125 µA
Power: 10Watts
Paint Tank (material): carbon steel
Optional: trolley with air regulator

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