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Our history

Tecnoavance is a company which holds national capital and was established 20 years ago in the market, offering technical solutions to all the painting process. We are a segment reference in the market, working in various industrial sectors, such as furniture industry, automobile parts, automobile industry, white line, etc.

What is our view

Be a company known for our commitment in technical development to our workers, clients, partners and the global community. Be involved in continuous and concerned improvement of processes that contribute to the preservation of the environment.


Deliver technical solutions to clients in the painting market, based on the premises: Quality of the offered product and quality of the relationship, both obtained with dynamic work and with continuous improvement of human and technological resources of everyone involved in the productive chain.

Market view and action

Aiming at a constant and solid growth, we search for creating a differential that is in the product, in customer service pre and post sales, highlighting the industrial process, workforce qualification and above all, the conservation of the environment. This leads to a better plan and investment of the human being and the creation of new activities in the industry with new products and new technologies. However, it is when we aim at social responsibility that we see the future of a company, that is, we search for workforce qualification which is one way of social inclusion and above all, we take dignity to the human being.

Our products structure

Within the context of structure of business management, we classify our industrial activity in seven business sectors:
1 - Equipment for powder and liquid painting.
2 - Cabins and stationary and continuous greenhouses, superficial cleaning machinery for painting
3 - KTL Painting Systems (electrophoretic), aimed at big industries, specially automobile and automobile parts industries.
4 - Application system (with the use of electrostatic) for agricultural pesticides and phytosanitary spraying and flocking.
5 - Generator equipment of Oxhídrico gas, a product that has water and electrical energy as raw material in the process of generation of oxiúrico gas. The process of electrolysis decompound the water through electrical current in its components: hidrogen and oxigen, mixing them in the gas state.
6 - Liquid Painting (conventional and HVLP pistol ) airless system painting.
7 - Services

New technology: Oxhídrico gas - Application

In industry in general, the activities of welding, brazing and fusion which are common to various activities, as for example: manufacturing and repairing of jewellery and fake jewellery, metal bodywork and commercial and industrial cooling, manufacturing and reapairing of laboratory glasses, manufacturing of teeth prosthesis, brazing and fusion and others.

Social Responsability
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