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The TECNOAVANCE is a company which holds national capital. It has been in the market since 1990, offering technical solutions for painting process. We are reference in the segment in the market, working in various industrial sectors, such as: furniture industry, automobile parts , automobile industry, white line, etc.

TECNOAVANCE works in the manufacturing, installing and maintenance of different painting equipment parts, i.e., electrical systems , cleaning machinery , powder painting cabin, liquid painting cabin, filters, application systems, greenhouses, transports, control pannels, pistols and many others.

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MANUAL PAINTING EQUIPMENT / TCA MILLENIUMAvailable with reading control of high voltage and regulator of pressure with manometer for paint flow in the…

Powder automatic paint gun

The automatic guns mod. PA 500 have the electrostatic generator integrated to the body, offering also auxiliary ionized air and consequently having the…
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